Is your website feeling out of touch with the rest of your business? 

Perhaps it is doing it’s job, but it doesn’t really feel like your business. Maybe your business has grown and your website hasn’t really grown with it. Your customers love your business for all the features that make it unique and your website should reflect that. 

With a custom website design, we will work with you to identify the exact design and content elements that your customers are attracted to and design your site around those parameters. The result will be a website that not only reflects your brand but helps you attract your ideal customers.

The Process


Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is the foundation of the whole project. During this session we become clear on what your goals for the site are and who you are trying to reach. This will allow the rest of the process to continue in a focused manner and help you reach your goals.



During branding we create a logo, color palette, and font selection, that will represent your business and create a cohesive brand. 



During design, we use what we built in branding and information from digital strategy, to create a gorgeous and cohesive website design that speak to your ideal customers and represent your business online. 



During the content phase, we send you information on what content you need to create, along with a bunch of content tips and guiding questions that will help make content creation an easy part of the process. We will perform a copy edit on your content before adding it to your site.

Ready to get started?



During development, we transform the beautiful design into a fully functional website. We take all design elements and add all of your content to a fully clickable site that allows you to see the site and it’s functionality before it launches. We will also build an online store if you require e-commerce functionality, so that you can start making money after launch. 


Email/Social Media Setup

We will set up your email marketing account with either MailChimp or ConvertKit. We will add your freebie to the account and add the required code to link it to your account. We will also set up two social media channels and install your profile picture and a header that aligns with your brand. 



We will have a one-on-one training session that goes over all of the features and functionality of your unique website. In addition to the one-on-one training you will also receive a customized guidebook and tutorial videos which empower you to use your site to your business’s advantage. 



We will teach you how to perform updates and backups to ensure your site stays in top shape. If you’d prefer not to have to worry about it, Clare Concept’s maintenance packages include updates, backups, a monthly report and some include content updates.

Business Jumpstart projects start at $4700 and a 14 week timeline.