Custom Web Design

Success is in the details

Crafting a custom website is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Our design process focuses on the details that are vital to your success, both now and in the future. Together we create a website that is completely customized to your business goals, focused on the value you provide to clients, and built to support your marketing efforts well into the future.

Your website isn't just about where you are reflects where you're going in the future. Ready to grow beautifully?

The results were beyond my wildest dreams! My website exceeded all of my visions and expectations. Clare Concept applied their expertise with their creativity to develop the most beautiful, functional, mobile and computer-friendly product. It was a really enjoyable and insightful experience.

-Lisa Smith,

Our Process

Process Swirl

Project Set Up

We begin with the end in mind, making sure everything is prepared for your project. We’ve learned that this vital step allows the rest of your project to flow smoothly and efficiently… giving us the creative space we need to move forward with confidence.


During the discovery process, we discuss your vision and analyze your specific goals for your business and website. We align on an appropriate strategy to achieve those goals, and set expectations for our work together - building confidence and trust in one another as we create your new site.


Taking everything you’ve shared with us in the discovery phase - your goals, expectations, and business information - we create a comprehensive design that not only looks beautiful, but serves your specific needs… and the needs of your ideal client.


While we create the design, you work with our copywriting partner, Michelle, to craft compelling messaging for your business. After speaking with you about your business goals, your ideal client, and your own personal experiences, she builds strategic website messaging to truly reflect your business and drive results.


During the development phase, we take all the work we’ve done together - your business goals, the design elements we’ve created, the carefully crafted copy - and build out your site. We pay close attention to the details as they come together, making sure images are correctly sized, fonts are perfect, and that the user experience is nothing short of exceptional. If you are adding a course or membership site, we also build out that component and make sure everything is working exactly as it should.


Once everything is perfect, your site is ready to launch into the world. As the new site goes live, we’re on hand to make any necessary adjustments and make sure everything goes perfectly - so you can share your new site confidently and focus on marketing your business with pride and energy.

Ready to see what is possible for your business?
Not quite ready for custom work?

If you are just starting your business, you may not have the budget and timeline for a custom project. Check out our DIY to Done package for tighter packages and timelines.

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