Do you dread thinking about your website because you hate the way it looks and know that it is turning off customers?

Maybe you haven’t launched your website because it seemed too overwhelming. Maybe you have a website and it looks ok but isn’t exactly the way you want it.

Many business owners DIY their sites because they’ve heard of others that have successfully created their website, or they hear the ads on TV about how you can have a beautiful website in an hour. 

They sign up for a DIY platform, start working and then hit a block because an element won’t move, or the colors aren’t right, or it is taking way more than an hour. They either put the site up and aren’t ultimately happy with it, or ditch it all together.

Alternatively, sometimes a DIY website is great when you are first starting out, but as your business grows, you realize you want something a little more in line with your business and more importantly your customers, but a custom site still seems like too much.

If any of the above has happened to you, DIY to Done might be the perfect solution for your problems. With DIY to Done, you get a website customized to you built by someone who understands small businesses and the need to wear a thousand hats at once, all at a price that won’t break the bank.

In DIY to Done, you choose from a selection of premium themes, choosing the one that feels right to you and your business. All of the themes are built on the Genesis framework for WordPress meaning they are secure, mobile responsive, and easy to update. I will then customize the site to reflect exactly what your business is and what your customers are looking for. I will take care of any custom code needed to put your personal touch on the site. It’s the benefit of having a web developer without the price tag of a fully custom site.


The Process


Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is the foundation of the whole project. During this session we become clear on what your goals for the site are and who you are trying to reach. We will also chose the right StudioPress theme for your business. 



Taking what we established in the digital strategy session, we will customize the theme to your branding and the feel of your business. We will add five pages of content to the theme, add a contact form, and add the needed functionality to the site. 



Before launch, Clare Concept will install necessary security plugins. Then we will launch the site on either your existing domain and hosting or we can help you choose the best hosting for your business. After launch, you will get a personalized guidebook and one on one training, and we will talk about your maintenance options.

Ready to get started?

DIY to Done starts at $900 and takes approximately 4 weeks.