Designing a user experience that allow users to find the best rental for them

Project: C&A Getaways

Amanda, from C&A Getaways, owns a number of businesses include a group of rental properties in the Yosemite region of California. Amanda reached out to me because she wanted a website that would showcase her properties. She had all of her sites listed on AirBnB but wanted a place that she could send people that would show all of the properties she has. She was feeling overwhelmed with trying to get a website done, and wanted something clean and visually appealing that showcased the beauty of the area and the homes. 

We talked about her requirements and agreed that the beauty of the Yosemite area should be the focus. We worked together to identify the key information everyone would need when looking to book a home. Her new site focuses on the beauty and colors of the area and showcases the features of the homes. Each one links directly to where interested visitors can book the home.

“Clare was timely, professional and responsive throughout the project.”

Since we launched the project, C&A Getaways has grown tremendously. They launched with 5 homes and now have 13 homes that they manage. They have grown in the platforms they rent on, adding those such as VRBO. She is able to direct people to one place to see all of their properties, for visitors to find the best home for their needs. We’ve worked together to update the site when a new home gets added to their portfolio and update the information that helps visitors, when they have new content. 

What We Did

  • Create template for all homes to give visual continuity
  • Create recreation page to showcase the variety of activities in the area
  • Showcase all homes on the home page, in addition to gorgeous photos of the Yosemite area
  • List amenities for each property with a range of prices and link to booking
  • Add guest reviews to lend credibility to C&A Getaway
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