Digital Day

Clare Concept Digital Days allow you to take things off of your never ending to-do list and present yourself as the professional you are in a super fast and efficient way.

If you’ve ever worked on a website project, you know that they drag on forever!! I don’t know about you but I’m not that patient. With any project, I want to see it through and enjoy the rewards of having it done. Website projects used to take 12-16 weeks, which stinks because it is a whole lot of hurry up and wait.

What if there was a better way?

What if you could wake up one morning and know that you could go about your day and in the span of 36 hours, your website would be done? No more secondhand embarrassment about your website that doesn’t look quite right, or reflect who you are, just a beautiful and completely aligned website that didn’t take months or even weeks!

As a designer, I love devoting uninterrupted time to one client. It allows me to get in my productive and creative zone like nothing else and I’m able to get so much done. 


What can we get done in a digital day?

Below are some examples of popular projects for a digital day. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you don't see your project here, don't worry!

  • New Website- Ready to finally get your professional website up so you can promote it? Through a digital day, you can present your business and brand in a manner that is aligned to you and your style and allows prospects to self-select you as their ideal business. Generally we can tackle 3-4 pages in one day or 6-9 in two days.
  • Sales Page/Funnel for a Program or Offering- Get your sales funnel up so you can start selling. We can build your sales funnel on to your existing website or on a platform like FG Funnels.
DIY to done

When you book a digital day, you are booking a day of my undivided attention, not a specific set of deliverables. Not sure where your project fits? No problem, it can be hard to know how long something might take if it doesn’t fit into the example above. A discovery call can allow you to tell me about your project and I’ll let you know how long I think it will take.

You'll love your digital day

"Clare captured the look and feel of my brand perfectly, and having everything completed in just one day made the experience even better! From my initial inquiry to the final sign-off, the whole process was easy and enjoyable. I'd absolutely recommend Clare to anyone who wants design that's quick AND beautiful!"

-Nicole Kepic

Custom Web Design Service Photo

What's included?

  • A 6 hour block of time on the date you book where we do the bulk of the work to achieve your goals
  • 1 hour the weekday immediately following your day to go over any revisions and finalize photo selections
  • 1 hour strategy call to allow you to ask questions, allow me to learn about your business and make a plan for how we can make the most of our day
  • 20 minute kick-off call before the day to finalize any last minute details
  • 30 days of post email support to answer any questions you have about anything we set up
  • Up to 10 paid stock photos that fit within the design to make sure you are putting the best foot forward
  • Training videos on how to use everything we’ve set up for you
  • All the information you need to prep for the project and allow us to get a ton of work done!

Three Simple Steps for Your Digital Dream Project

Step 1

Book Your Day

Get your day on the calendar! You’ll book the first block and know that the second block will be the same time the next day. Then you’ll receive an email from me with everything you need to know and a link to book your strategy call. I like to have the strategy call early on because it allows us to get really clear on what we are working towards.

Step 2

Complete Your Prep Work

I’ll guide you through the process of getting me everything I need to know before our day together. I try to keep it as simple as possible and only ask for what I need, based on what we are going to be tackling on our day (for a full website it will be things like providing existing branding, copy etc). This prep work is a huge factor in our ability to have a super productive day. Completed prep work allows me to maximize the day and deliver the best results for you.

Step 3

Relax and Enjoy Your Day

One of my favorite things about the VIP Digital Day experience is that it is pretty low stress for the client. You can sit back and let me work my magic. I’ll ask you for feedback throughout the day, so don’t book it for a day you have a lot of meetings, but otherwise you can enjoy the day knowing I have it handled.

Let's Get Your Digital To-Do List Handled!

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